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How to Play Dead By Daylight Mobile on Windows/MAC OS/Android and iPhone/Tablet

Dead By Daylight Mobile Features and Gameplay

On release in 2016, Dead By Daylight was an exciting prospect; an asynchronous multiplayer game where four players would face off against one monstrous, player-controlled killer. It was an idea that had been messed around with for a while, mostly in the form of player-made modes like Halo or COD’s ‘Michael Myers’; but Behaviour Interactive was, to my memory, one of the first to build a whole title around that core, undeniably exciting premise.

Three years later, after making its way to almost every gaming platform under the sun, we finally have Dead By Daylight for mobile. It’s free to play, available for both iOS and Android, and, for me, bordering on being unplayable.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Tips and Tricks

For those new to the game: Like humans, you’re tasked with escaping the level. You can do this by either powering generators to open the main gate or by surviving long enough to uncover a secret hatch. The killer’s job is to stop this from happening, take down as many humans as possible, and maybe stick them on a hook to then be sacrificed to some sort of tendrilled demon from above.

I’ll get this out of the way early and say that the extent to which the new free-to-play economy impacts progression is something we’ll only be able to nail down after many more hours of play. For now, I’ll say that it does feel a little gritty, with an obvious push toward getting you to invest in some premium currency. My concerns with the port are more immediate, more deeply rooted than something that could later be altered in straightforward patches.

How To Download – Install – Play Dead By Daylight Mobile on PC/Mac OS

Please read through the options below and choose the one that suits you. It should not take you more than 10 minutes.

  1. Select and Download Emulator to work with from the list in our page Top 18 Best IOS/Android Emulators Free Download And Compare.
  2. Most preferred usually is BlueStacks. Anyway, there are plenty more to choose from if you have any issues.
  3. Follow the instructions to install and run the Emulator and connect it to your Google Play store.
  4. Use the search menu to find and download the game Dead By Daylight Mobile on your PC.
  5. Simply install it by clicking the Install button and you are ready to go.

Download Dead By Daylight Mobile for Mobile/Android and IOS

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Dead By Daylight Mobile Video Gameplay/Trailer


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