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How to Play Dragon Storm Fantasyon Windows/MAC OS/Android and iPhone/Tablet

Dragon Storm FantasyFeatures and Gameplay

We all know that we love good MMORPG games. But we are pretty picky with them. We want to have good gameplay, simple mechanics, good graphics, and many more. Well, here we have Dragon Storm Fantasy. One of the most played MMORPG games. The game is published and developed by GOAT Games. And one of the best features of the game is that it is free and can be played on both Andoird and iOS.

The game itself is pretty simple and in my opinion, it is a good thing. The plot is more or less predictable. You are a hero (you will choose the class) and you will have to free the fantasy world that you live in. So far so good. Nothing complicated and well centered. On of the flaws for me is the specs of the game. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a good and powerful mobile device you will have some hard time. Especially when the little mobile screen fills up with players and enemies.

But there is no need to worry. If you want to feel the real deal of Dragon Storm Fantasy, you can download it on your PC and unleash the full potential of the game. The process is very simple and you will be playing Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC in no time.

Dragon Storm FantasyTips and Tricks

What can I say about Dragon Storm Fantasy? Well, all you need to do is to grind as much as you can. In order to do that, you can join teams and clans. The community of Dragon Storm Fantasy is very helpful most of the time and you will be leveling up in no time. Just one thing – when you level up enough in Dragon Storm Fantasy don`t forget to help the other new players as well.

Another advice. If you have a good mobile device that can handle Dragon Storm Fantasy, don`t forget to keep your charger close. This game will melt your battery and your mobile data. Get a WiFi, and a power source and you are ready to go. I am not going to lie that Dragon Storm Fantasy will become pretty one-sided in some point, but you can take brakes anytime. Happy grinding!

How To Download – Install – Play Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC/Mac OS

Please read through the options below and choose the one that suits you. It should not take you more than 10 minutes.

  1. Select and Download Emulator to work with from the list in our page Top 18 Best IOS/Android Emulators Free Download And Compare.
  2. Most preferred usually is BlueStacks. Anyway, there are plenty more to choose from if you have any issues.
  3. Follow the instructions to install and run the Emulator and connect it to your Google Play store.
  4. Use the search menu to find and download the game Dragon Storm Fantasy on your PC.
  5. simply install it by clicking the Install button and you are ready to go.

Download Dragon Storm Fantasy for Mobile/Android and IOS

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Dragon Storm FantasyVideo Gameplay/Trailer


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