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MadWorld is an epic beat em up (also known as brawler), hack and slash Japanese 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), created by a video game development company – PlatinumGames Inc. which is founded in October 2007 when it was merged by the two gigantic video game developers back then Seeds Inc. and Odd. The famous Japanese multinational video game developer and publisher which is headquartered in Tokyo and make mostly multi-million selling game franchises for home video game consols – JapanSega Games Co., Ltd. which is officially shortened to Service Games (also known as SEGA, which is also an officially styled nickname) published MadWorld. In Japanese, the name of MadWorld game would be written like that: マッドワールド, which could be heard as MaddoWārudo if you want to spell it in Latin alphabet in order to romanize the name of the game.

From the genres of the game, you can see that MadWorld is consisted by various features like hand-to-hand emphasized combats between the protagonist and a huge number of enemies, players interacting with each other through a virtual world, going into the shoes of a character in order to experience the virtual life better and then taking control over a lot of their character’s actions who lives in a fantasy or science-fiction world and takes control over many of that character’s actions in single or multiplayer mode.

MadWorld is telling the story of one group of terrorists called “The Organizers” choose the Varrigan City as their target of destruction by releasing a deadly virus for the humankind and the only way to save themselves is by taking their vaccine. The tricky part is that the vaccine could be won only by killing someone else. Become the top-ranked player and give yourself the chance to win a mega big cash prize.

Play MadWorld Features and Gameplay

The gameplay presents different levels in which the Jefferson Island is the main place and the different parts of that place are scattered in the levels. The progression of the player is the kind of the linear fashion type.

The perspective in the game is from a third-person, playing with Jack with Wii Remote and Nunchuck attachment.
The levels in MadWorld are mainly open environmental which gives a perfect opportunity for the players to explore the area undisturbed. A moto-based battle with racing down a track is included in some levels and there you are going to have to kill the boss in a time limit. Other levels offer ordinary challenges, big bonuses and easier bosses to defeat. “Bloodbath Challenge” is a time-limited minigame in other levels which is also very addictive to play.

One of the most often seen comments led by true fans says: ‘Mad World has very quickly become one of my favourite games of all time, the most violent and sadistic I have ever seen.’ and that is said because of the glorious amount of violence in the gameplay, something rarely seen before, but of course, served with a delicate touch and a great kind of humour.

Play MadWorld Tips and Tricks

Play as much as you can in order to become the greatest player of MadWorld.

How To Download – Install – Play MadWorld on PC/Mac OS

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  • Select and Download Emulator to work with from the list in our page Top 18 Best IOS/Android Emulators Free Download And Compare.
  • Most preferred usually is BlueStacks. Anyway, there are plenty more to choose from if you have any issues.
  • Follow the instructions to install and run the Emulator and connect it to your Google Play store.
  • Use the search menu to find and download the game MadWorld on your PC.
  • Simply install it by clicking the Install button and you are ready to go.

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