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How to Play Survival Royale on Windows/MAC OS/Android and iPhone/Tablet

Survival Royale, published by NetEase is a mobile version of Battle Royale and represents global tactical battle royale game in which ‘the best stands till the last’ as it is said by the creators. This game gives the players the possibilities to fight alone or to create a team even with friends in 2-player and in 4-player mode. The main idea is to become the last person alive on the map from up to 100 players. Your weapon is realistic, you possess vehicle and attachments in order to explore and discover useful stuff on the map with diversity from buildings to sophisticated geography. Stay alive and survive the obstacles, do not allow to be killed.
With guns spawned randomly of the area, maximum 100 players spread across the huge map with an unarmed beginning and only 20 minutes long course, the experience of the extreme survival will be full of adrenalin in battles to the death.

Play Survival Royale Features and Gameplay

Will it be a surprise for you to start the game while someone throws you off from an aeroplane to a deserted land? Fly with a parachute, then you reach the ground and you immediately have to start searching the area for weapons of any kind used for the fighting also you have to find useful resources like bullets or firearms. Everything is possible to loot in order to succeed in survival. You could be a driver of a different kind of vehicles to go everywhere on the map and move from side to side. The controls on your display are completely reachable and easy to play.
There are a hundred players on the field of battle in real-time action and in order to survive you should be very creative and smart. Prove yourself and others that you could be the best of them all by becoming the last survivor in this real-time experience.
The map is really large. The idea behind that conception is that the players are spread across the huge area to be more realistic in survival and fighting.
The game is being made not to be boring and it has two modes – Solo Mode to play alone and Squad Play for two-player or four-player teams.
Beautiful graphics accompany the cultured geography full of cool buildings.
There are many different kinds of vehicles to drive around the map.

Play Survival Royale Tips and Tricks

  • Be careful when leaving a building and watch for another player not to rush you.
  • Avoid toxic gases because it is deadly and just run fast to the safer zone.
  • Loot everything from your victim after killing it, take it all to gain more armour.
  • Choose if you want to play by yourself in Solo Mode or maybe with a good team.

How To Download – Install – Play Survival Royale on PC/Mac OS

Please read through the options below and choose the one that suits you. It should not take you more than 10 minutes.

  • Select and Download Emulator to work with from the list in our page Top 18 Best IOS/Android Emulators Free Download And Compare.
  • Most preferred usually is BlueStacks. Anyway, there are plenty more to choose from if you have any issues.
  • Follow the instructions to install and run the Emulator and connect it to your Google Play store.
  • Use the search menu to find and download the game Survival Royale on your PC.
  • Simply install it by clicking the Install button and you are ready to go.

Download Survival Royale for Mobile/Android and IOS

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