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How to Play The Walking Dead: The Final Season on Windows/MAC OS/Android and iPhone/Tablet

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is an upcoming episodic adventure game about to come out on August 2018 for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and Android devices. It is the fourth and final season of Telltale Games‘ The Walking Dead.

The main character is Clementine and her voice is sounded by Hutchinson, in spite of the small amount of interactivity in the previous season A New Frontier, that is why now Clementine is the focus and her story gets a satisfactory conclusion.

The previous season sets the borders of the story in which a young boy AJ has been saved by Clementine from the McCarrol Ranch and teaches him how to survive like Lee had taught her before.

Play The Walking Dead: The Final Season Features and Gameplay

The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s gameplay follows the same pattern as the previous series of the point-and-click adventure games from Telltale Games. As the story goes, the player controls his character and make him explore the place, lead conversation trees with AI characters in which there are multiple opportunities for different answers or options for talking. Cinematic features also go through the game with quick time events to react to immediately. The different choices of the player have influence over the next scenes through the episodes.

The first 15 minutes of the Final Season’s gameplay start with Clementine and AJ travelling by car on the route, full of undead corpses, but they are going to have something to eat. The car stops in front of an abandoned house and the kids go there in order to find some food. You can see a sign which forbids the trespassing and that means that the people in there shoot first. Then the first actual combat with an undead appears and Clementine should defeat the enemy and she must not get bit. The game leads you to a door which you have to unlock and explore the inside by getting no hurt. Inside there are two monsters tied up with no chance to stand up and no way to bite you. Searching for food is the next step. There is a strange note on the ground in front of the monsters which says to leave them alone, maybe they have wanted to die together and leave no harm to the world and that’s why they tied up to each other when they used to be people. Then by continuing straight forward, you find an option for AJ to go to the next room searching for food. They find something under a bad which looks like a cellar under the ground and there is much food but surprisingly there is a grenade rolling and about to explode! In second monsters from everywhere outside are coming to you and you immediately must go and fight them on your way to the car.

The gameplay constantly keeps your adrenaline high and your interest turned on. Fight the undead and stay alive.

Play The Walking Dead: The Final Season Tips and Tricks

Always stay focused and never stress out whatever is going on, just stay calm and act strategically.

Make wise choices through the gameplay to lead you to beneficial outcomings.

How To Download – Install – Play The Walking Dead: The Final Season on PC/Mac OS

Please read through the options below and choose the one that suits you. It should not take you more than 10 minutes.

  • Select and Download Emulator to work with from the list in our page Top 18 Best IOS/Android Emulators Free Download And Compare.
  • Most preferred usually is BlueStacks. Anyway, there are plenty more to choose from if you have any issues.
  • Follow the instructions to install and run the Emulator and connect it to your Google Play store.
  • Use the search menu to find and download the game The Walking Dead: The Final Season on your PC.
  • Simply install it by clicking the Install button and you are ready to go.

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