Top 18 iOS/Android Best Emulators Download Free and Compare


With the high rate at which technology advances, especially the mobile gaming world, it’s become impossible to continue playing some of our favorite games. However, we now have Android emulators to help us continue enjoying game time on our PCs. With an Android Emulator, you get to play both the older and freshly released mobile games. In this piece, we want to discuss the 18 top best Android emulators available for gamers today.

1. Nox App Player Free Download


Nox android emulator is truly one of the top emulators available today. This is due to the fact that it is built with the user in mind. It has a great user interface and is therefore quite appealing to play with. Nox smoothly runs on any Windows Operating System without the problem of constant crashing. It also allows the user to root it from the options menu. In terms of compatibility, this emulator is better than most other emulators. The usability of Nox is also high as it features dragging and dropping for the installation of APKs. Another good side of this emulator is that it doesn’t require a user to make any payments or even as for installation of apps that they don’t need. The basic reasons why you need to consider Nox for playing your mobile games on PC include stability, user interface, performance, user experience and incredibly easy root integration.

Nox Android Emulator Install and Features

• Integrated Rooting

You can root internally from the from the menu of options without risking any damage to your emulator

• Easy Installation of APKs

The process of installing your APKs from PC is quite simple. All you need to do is to drag and drop them and the process begins right away.

• Compatible with apps for hacking games

At times, you may need to use some hacking apps in order to complete a task in a game. This emulator has provisions for the installation of these apps without issues.

• Easy Controls

With keyboard macros, there is a very easy emulation of the game controls.

• Fake GPS Location

Users get to use the Virtual GPS location which is built into the emulator.

• Compatibility with games

The compatibility of this emulator with games is quite high, meaning that close to all games are playable with it.

How to Install Nox Emulator/App Player on PC/Windows/Mac OS Video Instructions/Tutorial

2. BlueStacks App Player Free Download

BlueStacks android emulator is arguably the most popular of all the emulators available today. This can be attributed to its use for cheating in the Pokémon Go game. This makes it preferable to many users. However, unlike Nox, it requires manual rooting. The other issues with Bluestacks are that it may not be compatible with a number of games and will occasionally crash on you when playing. The secret to avoiding this compatibility issue is to install the older versions of the emulator as they work with most games. In comparison to the earlier emulator, its stability, performance, and usability are not as good. It also requires players to install certain unnecessary apps or make payments for continued running. Since it doesn’t have an integrated root by default, either Kingroot or BSHelper can be used for rooting the emulator.

BlueStacks Android Emulator Install and Features

• Rooting and Hacking

Bluestacks Android Emulator has game hacking and rooting that is averagely realistic. It requires manual rooting because it lacks integrated rooting.

• APK Installation

The installation process of APKs is also averagely easy. You’ll need just a single button press in order to do this.

• Running

Bluestacks often runs well without major issues but will experience crashes once in a while. In case, it crashes on you, you’ll just need to restart your Android Plugin.

• Payment and Installation of Unnecessary Apps

In order to have continued use, the gamer will be asked to install apps that they don’t need or pay to make purchases.

• Compatibility

It’s compatible with many games and apps for game hacking

How to Install Bluestacks Emulator/App Player on PC/Windows/Mac OS Video Instructions/Tutorial

3. MEmu App Player Free Download

MEmu is another awesome emulator worth trying out. It’s quite easy to use because it comes with rooting already done. You, therefore, won’t need to carry out any manipulation or root installation for it. Crashing is not a concern when in normal use as well as when using lots of rooting apps, games or even memory editors. The emulator is very stable and has averagely good performance. There’s a fake GPS for virtual GPS simulation but you don’t get an option for disabling the root from setting. The fake GPS is preinstalled to allow you to play the games that require your GPS location. This feature makes it have great potential for hacking. There is also a superuser app already installed to allow you to determine who you grant access to certain apps.

MEmu Android Emulator Install and Features

• Default Rooting

By default, the emulator comes already rooted and therefore doesn’t require any manual rooting. However, the root may be disabled for some apps when necessary.

• Compatibility

MEmu is compatible with most apps and games. With this, you can play whichever game you want without having to worry about issues of compatibility.

• Virtual GPS Location

The emulator has functionality for fake GPS location as a feature which is handy for hacking.

• Performance and Running

The running and general performance of MEmu are both smooth and high.

• APK Installation

From the PC, APKs can be installed by simply dragging and dropping them on the emulator.

• Gaming Controls

Emulating the gaming controls with the keyboard macros is generally easy. This makes it an easy emulator to play your mobile games for PC much easier and smoother.

How to Install MEmu Emulator/App Player on PC/Windows/Mac OS Video Instructions/Tutorial

4. DraStic DS Emulator 

Among the Nintendo DS emulators, DraStic DS is one of the best. It has virtual controls as well as other features that are basic to the emulators like the load state and the save state. Further, this emulator provides you with the option for customizing the DSs top and bottom screens. If you love to play with keyboard hardware, this emulator supports it. However, the one features that stands out for this emulator is its stability. It has the ability to run most ROMs of games without major flaws.

From the time it was first released into the market, the cost of the emulator has potentially gone down. However, there still isn’t a free version for you try if you wanted to. This means that the only option you have for testing it out is during the period of refund.

5. FPse Emulator

There are two most popular Android emulators for the PlayStation and FPse is one of them. The most vital part of the focus for this emulator is the depth of customization. Its customization is quite deep. It comes with lots of plug-ins, settings and other things that are great for playing mobile games for PC. These features help in adjusting framerates, making graphics look much better and improve many other things for gaming. These are available apart from the usual features like the support for hardware controller.

If you are one gamer who likes to play around with things, then FPse android emulator is the best choice for you. The best aspect of this emulator is that it doesn’t have in-app purchases and is a cheaper compared to other options. Unfortunately, there is still no free version and you should ensure you test it sufficiently within the refund period.

6. ClassicBoy Emulator

While talking about android emulators, the ClassicBoy emulator is one that ought to be included as a hugely robust option. It has support for a number of consoles which include N64, PlayStation, Game Boy Classic and Color and Game Boy Advanced among others. In terms of workability, most of these are sufficient enough.

Load states, save states gesture and hardware controller are also all supported in the emulator. However, some few features are missing in the lite version of the emulator. Therefore, if you need all the features of it, you should definitely go for the pro version.

7. ePSXe Emulator

Apart from the FPse emulator that talked about earlier, ePSXe is the other considerably popular emulator for PlayStation. Whereas FPse focuses more on deep functionality, this one has more focus on simplicity. Most of the time, it will be working without any cause for concern. The only task involved is the loading of the ROM and it will be up and running. Other awesome features of this android emulator include support for hardware controller, load and save states as well as a great customization of the virtual keyboard among other things.

If you don’t want to always keep tinkering with your settings should opt for this one. It doesn’t contain any in-app purchases once you buy it at a cost of $3.75. There’s, however, no demo version of it.

8. Frodo C64 Emulator

There are not many Commodore 64 android emulators in existence today and Frodo C64 is one of them. Its working is averagely good but requires you to do some amount of tinkering to have it work right for you. The good thing about it is that it’s open source and therefore, absolutely free. It’s a PC version port that will surely give you a bad experience from the beginning before you figure out how it should be set up. However, when you finally get the gist of how it should be done, you’ll definitely find it to be a great emulator for Commodore 64.

9. Matsu PSX Emulator

Without a doubt, Matsu PSX is one of the top android emulators that are considered powerful. This is because it’s a single emulator that contains a number of others in it. It has GBA, NES, PlayStation 1, WSC, Game Gear, GBC, Mega Drive and PCE. There are only a few other emulators that have such many game systems that are popular. Features available in it include numerous customization preferences, external controller support, cheat code support and functionality for fast forward. It’s compatible with most apps and games but just as in the case with other emulators, the experiences will vary from person to person. There’s a free version for the emulator but can also be bought at a cost of $9.99. The free version, however, is heavily laden with ads.

10. Mupen64 Android Emulator

Mupen64 emulator is the “mother” of all other N64 emulators we see today. Therefore, any improvement in it also makes the other emulators have improvements. So, when it becomes more stable, the others also will. In its features are the basic emulator stuff such as the load states and the save states. For the support of hardware controllers, it has cursory support. Many ROMs will play satisfactorily well in Mupen64 but it still requires some improvements. To download and use it, you don’t need to make any payment but you have the option to support the developer by purchasing the pro version.

11. John Emulators

John Android Emulators is a product of Google Play. They are done by a developer known as John and are really a good bunch. These include NES, Game Boy Color, SNES and Game Boy Advance. Each of these is known to be among the top best in the respective categories of consoles. They are quite stable, have good support for ROM and features that are basic. You also get to experience extras like the fast forward mode and cheat codes. You have the option to download John emulators for free or pay $2.99 for each of their pro versions.

12. MegaN64 Android Emulator

MegaN64 is listed among the most stable of the N64 emulators’ group. Mupen64 emulator that we looked at earlier in the single N64 emulator that is an entirely open source. This makes it give a much better experience than any other in the group. MegaN64, on the other hand, offers additional devices and some optimization to improve performance. So, if you were to choose, it’s a great idea to go for Mupen64 instead of MegaN64 except in the event the former doesn’t work in your device. Though MegaN64 is free, it contains some annoying ads on it. Preferably, a pro version can potentially offer gamers a great experience of game time.

13. My OldBoy and MyBoy Emulators

These two android emulators are for Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced, respectively. In their respective categories of the emulators, they are taunted and among the greatest of all. They also contain numerous features in them for a great experience with mobile games for PC. Among the many features they contain are cheat codes, fast forward mode, Google Drive syncing save files, save states and load states. For emulating games, these emulators are a great option.
Their prices range from $3.99 to $4.99. However, their free versions are available but with some features disabled from them. The paid versions of each of them, on the other hand, contain all the amazing features you’d love to use. So, if you want the complete experience with My OldBoy and MyBoy android emulators, it’s a good idea to go for the paid versions.

14. PPSSP Android Emulator

Among all the PSP emulators available in the market presently, PPSSP is, without a doubt the best. It’s the most stable of all of them, has the best support for ROMs plus the other most important features found in the other PSP emulators. This means that the other common features found in the rest of emulators are included in it as well. Amazingly, this is despite the fact that it’s developing is still in progress. This is the reason why some of the games you may love to play won’t play at a full speed. This is the case, even if you are running the latest devices. For most basic things, however, it’s still a good option.
There is a trial version that you can test within the refund period before you finally opt to buy it entirely by purchasing the pro version.

15. RetroArch Android Emulator

In terms of uniqueness, RetroArch is a top emulator. It can be used to emulate various types of consoles for PC mobile gaming. This emulator is basically an app in itself. It allows gamers to download cores and run them right inside the app. This way, each core serves as an entirely different console in itself. This nature of RetroArch emulator makes it difficult to learn using at the beginning. That, notwithstanding, majority of the emulator cores are awesome in terms of performance. If you don’t like the idea of downloading many apps but would like to emulate many consoles, this emulator is the match for you. The fact that it’s free also makes it a great choice because you still get all the features contained.

16. Nostalgia Emulators

Like John emulators, Nostalgia emulator is a Google Play developer. In Nostalgia, there are 3 emulators with popularity. These are Game Gear, Game Boy Color, and NES. All of these have virtual controllers, support for gamepad hardware, and load/save states. They also have a number of features that are meant for specific game consoles. In case you have an extra phone, there is a mode for Wi-Fi controller. In terms of cost, these emulators have fairly average prices. All the other emulators cost below $2 each, except for NES which costs $3.99.

17. SuperRetro16 Emulator

As a SNES emulator, SuperRetro16 is quite a popular. Over the years, its name has been changed from one to another. This has, however, not changed the fact that it is a reliable one. This emulator works for virtually all SNES ROMs available. Its outstanding features include audio and graphics settings, a fast forward speed that’s variable, game storage in the cloud and general cloud –saving features. These features make it one of the most feature-packed emulators there is. You can try it for free before making the decision to purchase it for $3.99.

18. Robert Broglia Emulators

Their emulators are developed by Robert Broglia who is also a developer and Google Play. He’s credited with some of the top emulators in terms of stability and popularity. It has support for consoles such as Game Boy Advance, NES, Game Boy Color, SNES, TG16, NeoGeo, NeoGeo Pocket, Atari 2600, MSX, Master Drive, Sega CD and Commodore 64, among others. Here, Commodore 64 tops its category and the others are also just as good. You get a version to test it freely but also the option for unlocking all the other features when making a purchase. They have features that are specific to each console and those that are basic for an emulator.

The Best iOS/Android Emulators of 2018 Conclusion

If you are looking for an Android Emulator that would meet your gaming needs for a mobile game for PC, this list of the top 18 is a great resource. Just read through the list and settle on one that would meet your specific needs. Surely, more than one from this list will get you the experience you’re looking for.